Razz On The Radio

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Nickname: RAZZ
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Al Pacino
Favorite Band/Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Favorite Song: Fly Me To The Moon
Favorite Movie: Godfather
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Book: Thoughts in Solitude Thomas Merton
Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Favorite Color: Blue
If you could meet one person who would it be?: Benjamin Franklin.
Favorite thing to do in Philly: History Tours
Favorite Quote: Go placidly amid the Noise and Haste.
Hobbies: Boating, Motorcycling, Skeet and Trap
Random Fact about yourself: I was entered into a beautiful baby contest. My mom thought my entry got lost in the mail.


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