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Manuel Queimadelos Alonso / Getty Images

Bill Wine From KYW Reviews ‘Tomorrowland’ W/ Doc & Andie

By Bill Wine KYW Newsradio 1060 PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “You wanna go?” Hey, if you’ve been to any or all of the Disney theme parks, you’ve already been there.  And now it’s the setting for a movie. […]

92.5 XTU–3 hours ago

Randy Houser (Rick Diamond/Getty Images for the Delta Country Jam)

Randy Houser Talks Military & Music With Doc & Andie

“I didn’t grow up in a military family but I didn’t understand the importance till 2009,” Randy said. It was in 2009 when he got to see first hand on a tour with the troops how much these soldiers do keep us safe.

92.5 XTU–18 hours ago


Patrick Murphy Tells His Story Of The Amtrak Train Derailment – Audio

Congressman Murphy was on the train – and despite being hurt – helped others injured in the crash

92.5 XTU–19 hours ago

China Photos / Getty Images

UGHHHHH This Lady Had A Snake In Her Car!

We don’t know what we would do… but it wouldn’t be pretty or calm.

92.5 XTU–05/20/2015


Is Toby Right? I Ain’t As Good as I Once Was?!

What was your best age? We argue that like wine – you get better in time.

92.5 XTU–05/19/2015

Araya Diaz / Getty Images

10 Things You NEED To Be Doing As An Adult

What are some of things you should be doing as an adult? Find out with this list from Doc & Andie.

92.5 XTU–05/12/2015

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

DR OZ Joins Doc & Andie

Is Tim McGraw too skinny? Dr. Oz explains his thoughts.

92.5 XTU–05/08/2015

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Posts Bathing Suit Selfie

If lame means amazing, then yes, Carrie, yes you are.

92.5 XTU–05/06/2015

Larry French / Getty Images

Taya Kyle Joins Doc & Andie

The widow of Soldier Chris Kyle talks about her new book ‘AMERICAN WIFE': A Memoir of Love, War, Faith and Renewal

92.5 XTU–05/05/2015


Think You’re Life Is Over? Don’t Ask Your Kids!

What happens when you turn 46? Don’t ask a 10 year old that!