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Favorite Actors: The Rock & The Hemsworth Brothers – Good Lord!
Favorite Band/Artist: I am loving Little Big Town right now!
Favorite Song: James Otto’s “Just Got Started Lovin You” – Shout out to songwriter Jim Femino from the Montgomery County!
Favorite Movie: “Mary Poppins” – and not just because I have kids. Who didn’t want Mary Poppins as a nanny? And Bert is the most handsome, creative and talented chimney sweep you could ever hope to meet. :)
Favorite TV Show: Phineas and Ferb – C’mon! Those guys are hilarious! Hey. Where’s Perry?
Favorite Book: I love a good novel, but the book I recommend most often is “Mafia Prince” by Phil Leonetti. Hole. Lee. Cow.
Favorite Food: Oreos. I truly think I could eat nothing but Oreos for the rest of my life.
Favorite Color: Bloodshot. It brings out the green in my eyes.
If you could meet one person who would it be?: Pope Francis. He’s the bomb-dot-com
Favorite thing to do in Philly: Eat! Everything and anything from cheesesteaks (Jim’s) to a great meal from one of our local celebrity chefs like Marc Vetri & Kevin Sbraga
Favorite Quote: “I do.” ~ my husband
Hobbies: Laughing
Random Fact about yourself: We actually met in another life. Remember?

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Daily Dish: Cameron Diaz Is Pregnant & More

Dierks Bentley was performing in Nashville the other night when he brought out his 80’s cover band Hot Country Knights. It featured Miranda Lambert, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum and Randy Houser in 80’s garb […]

92.5 XTU–02/27/2015

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Daily Dish: Steven Tyler To Go Country & More

Carrie Underwood Tweet of the Day: ‘For those of you in areas that are STINKING COLD this week, don’t forget about your pets! Bring them inside or make sure they have shelter!’ For those of […]

92.5 XTU–02/26/2015

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Daily Dish: Philly Contestant On The Voice & Brantley Gilbert’s New Tattoo

The Voice was on again last night with a Philly guy in the blind audition. Anthony Riley was the first contestant to sing, and what a way to kick off the show. Anthony was representin’! […]

92.5 XTU–02/25/2015

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Daily Dish: Brett Eldredge Works Out 6 Days A Week, The Voice Premiere & More

The Voice premiered last night on NBC, and we saw a familiar face on stage – Do you remember Steel Magnolia? Megan and Josh split up, both romantically and professionally, and Megan is trying to […]

92.5 XTU–02/24/2015

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Daily Dish: What Country Artists Make Per Second & More

According to the Academy Award Regulations, winners may not sell their Oscar until they first offer it to the Academy for $1. Each Oscar statue costs $500 to make. The award stands 13.5 inches tall […]

92.5 XTU–02/23/2015

(Photo Credit: 92.5 XTU)

Daily Dish: Everything You Didn’t Know About The Oscars & More

So let’s break this down for you, we have some country dish and major Oscar Awards dish. Let’s start with country news: Eric Church and his wife Katherine are the proud parents of a new […]

92.5 XTU–02/20/2015

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Daily Dish: Lady A To Introduce Opening Act… Jason Alean & More

Lady A is excited to introduce their opening act to their European fans. Jason Aldean! A local news source reported, Lady A was laughing because they say it’ll never happen like this again, but they’re […]

92.5 XTU–02/19/2015

(Photo Credit: 92.5 XTU)

Daily Dish: Taylor Swift’s BFF Is An Old Doc & Andie Intern & More

Country music is so big, even British pop stars want in! Sam Smith cleaned house at the Grammys with his HUGE pop hit Stay with Me. He was asked who he would like to collaborate […]

92.5 XTU–02/18/2015

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Andie Summer’s Snow Day Tips

So, your little ones are off from school and you want to keep them occupied? Resident-Mom, Andie Summers, has some fun ideas! * Turn your family room into a camp-site. If you don’t have a […]

92.5 XTU–02/17/2015

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Daily Dish: Charlie Sheen For President?

I was trolling around the internet last night (I know that sounds dumb, but you know what I mean) and came across the official lyric video for Raise Em Up. You MUST watch this video. […]

92.5 XTU–02/13/2015



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