AndieSummersSpring 15

Favorite Actors: The Rock & The Hemsworth Brothers – Good Lord!
Favorite Band/Artist: I am loving Little Big Town right now!
Favorite Song: James Otto’s “Just Got Started Lovin You” – Shout out to songwriter Jim Femino from the Montgomery County!
Favorite Movie: “Mary Poppins” – and not just because I have kids. Who didn’t want Mary Poppins as a nanny? And Bert is the most handsome, creative and talented chimney sweep you could ever hope to meet. :)
Favorite TV Show: Phineas and Ferb – C’mon! Those guys are hilarious! Hey. Where’s Perry?
Favorite Book: I love a good novel, but the book I recommend most often is “Mafia Prince” by Phil Leonetti. Hole. Lee. Cow.
Favorite Food: Oreos. I truly think I could eat nothing but Oreos for the rest of my life.
Favorite Color: Bloodshot. It brings out the green in my eyes.
If you could meet one person who would it be?: Pope Francis. He’s the bomb-dot-com
Favorite thing to do in Philly: Eat! Everything and anything from cheesesteaks (Jim’s) to a great meal from one of our local celebrity chefs like Marc Vetri & Kevin Sbraga
Favorite Quote: “I do.” ~ my husband
Hobbies: Laughing
Random Fact about yourself: We actually met in another life. Remember?

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DAILY DISH: Who Will Win BIG At The ACM Awards?

Guess who still gets nervous at the ACMs – and she’ll prob leave w/ an armful

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Daily Dish: Blake Shelton and who?! No way!!

Who was Blake with? What is the Sopranos creator thinking? A new FLETCH movie?

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Daily Dish- Tyler Tangles w/ a Twitter Troll

What are some of the topics you will be talking about today? Find out in the Daily Dish with Andie Summers!

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Ridiculous Tax Stories To Avoid Taxes

You won’t believe these crazy stories people tried to tell to avoid taxes!

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Jake Owen The Great Golfer

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Daily Dish: #GirlFight Sofia Vergara VS Reese Witherspoon. Who wins?

#GirlFight btwn Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. Who wins? Find out in The Dish

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Daily Dish: Darius Rucker Catches Touchdown Pass

#XTUAnnShow headliner, Darius Rucker catches a touchdown pass and we find out the ‘Top-Selling Country Albums in History’ in today’s Daily Dish!


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Daily Dish: Who Has a Little Bro Joining The Biz? Find Out

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Daily Dish: Don’t miss Luke Bryan – FREE – this weekend!

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Daily Dish: FGL On Idol, Easton Corbin & Kip Moore

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