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Favorite Actors: The Rock & The Hemsworth Brothers – Good Lord!
Favorite Band/Artist: I am loving Little Big Town right now!
Favorite Song: James Otto’s “Just Got Started Lovin You” – Shout out to songwriter Jim Femino from the Montgomery County!
Favorite Movie: “Mary Poppins” – and not just because I have kids. Who didn’t want Mary Poppins as a nanny? And Bert is the most handsome, creative and talented chimney sweep you could ever hope to meet. :)
Favorite TV Show: Phineas and Ferb – C’mon! Those guys are hilarious! Hey. Where’s Perry?
Favorite Book: I love a good novel, but the book I recommend most often is “Mafia Prince” by Phil Leonetti. Hole. Lee. Cow.
Favorite Food: Oreos. I truly think I could eat nothing but Oreos for the rest of my life.
Favorite Color: Bloodshot. It brings out the green in my eyes.
If you could meet one person who would it be?: Pope Francis. He’s the bomb-dot-com
Favorite thing to do in Philly: Eat! Everything and anything from cheesesteaks (Jim’s) to a great meal from one of our local celebrity chefs like Marc Vetri & Kevin Sbraga
Favorite Quote: “I do.” ~ my husband
Hobbies: Laughing
Random Fact about yourself: We actually met in another life. Remember?

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Daily Dish: Kenny Chesney Birthday, Jason Aldean & More

Andie is here all the things you will be talking about today in the Daily Dish.

92.5 XTU–03/26/2015

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Daily Dish: Fifty Shades Of Grey, Nashville & Blake Shelton

What is Brian Kelly planning for Tyler Hubbard? What are the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders looking at? And what is in store for this season on Nashville?

92.5 XTU–03/25/2015

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Daily Dish: Luke Bryan In Batting Practice And More

Where was Luke Bryan working out yesterday? What did Vin Diesel name his daughter? Find out with Andie Summers in the Daily Dish!

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Daily Dish: Brett Eldredge Turns 29!

Today’s Daily Dish includes Brett Eldridge, Will Ferrall, Blake Shelton, Jessica Alba and more!

92.5 XTU–03/23/2015

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Daily Dish: Brett Eldredge Wrote 100 Love Songs Before ‘Mean To Me’ & More

That’s Brad Paisley talking about his time on Air Force One last Thanksgiving. Brad also said, one of the things you don’t really think about on a flight like this – it’s not necessarily equipped […]

92.5 XTU–03/18/2015

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Daily Dish: Anniversary Show Ticket Run Season Is Here & More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ticket Run Season is HEEEEERRRRRE! We announced our 31st Anniversary Show today. Darius Rucker will headline, but so many ladies are excited to see our buddy Brett Eldredge, too! And … […]

92.5 XTU–03/17/2015

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Daily Dish: What Brad Paisley Does After He Wakes Up & More

Luke Bryan performed his final Spring Break concert in Panama City, Florida last week to record crowds that packed the beach all the way to the edge of the Gulf, with local officials estimating a […]

92.5 XTU–03/16/2015

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Daily Dish: Carrie Underwood’s Birthday Gift & More

-Carrie Underwood turned 32 yesterday and spent her birthday with her new baby Isiah and hashtagged “Best gift ever.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! My 1st present = late night date with a tiny semi-bald chubby […]

92.5 XTU–03/11/2015

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Daily Dish: Trace Adkins To Star On Medical Drama & More

Did you see ZBB on SNL this weekend? They performed Homegrown and Heavy is the Head featuring Chris Cornell of Soundgarden which are both from their upcoming album Jekyll & Hyde which comes out April […]

92.5 XTU–03/09/2015

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Daily Dish: Kelly Clarkson Responds To Comments About Her Weight & More

Bill Joerger is a local hero. He’s a lieutenant for the Philly Fire Department, so not only is he saving lives for his job, he’s keeping the bellies full of his fellow fire fighters – […]

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