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Article and Video By Justin Fortmeier

PHILADELPHIARising Country Music duo Striking Matches stopped by Studio X to perform and talk with Razz on The Radio about their recently released album and their connections to Philadelphia..

Striking Matches is made of up Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis. The two met in school in guitar class in Nashville, TN and were so impressed by each other that they formed a band and have now released their debut album.

“You are two of the best guitar players we have ever had in that studio” said Razz to the duo.

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Sarah has a local connection and grew up in Downingtown, Pa. Her guitar influences growing up were classic rock icons such as Jimmy Page, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor. “I do a lot of slide so I’m kind off all over the map” Sarah said.

“Did you ever think that there would ever be a time when you moved to Nashville that the radio station you grew up listening to, 925 XTU, would actually ever play one of your songs?” Razz asked Sarah.

“It was always a dream growing up, I listened to XTU. I’d be driving in the car with my mom and be like, ‘Some day if I can have a song on XTU…’ just to be here is really awesome,” she replied.



‘Striking Matches’ is one that turns heads– some big heads to be exact. Producers from the hit show ‘Nashville’ used their music for a few episodes, including “When The Right One Comes Along.”



See Striking Matches Version:


Striking Matches debut album Nothing But The Silence is available now from I.R.S. Nashville.

Listen to their music below. And listen to Razz on The Radio ever weekday 3-7PM on 925 XTU.


Check out their single Hanging On A Lie.


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