Trisha Yearwood Talks Superbowl Party With XTU Morning Show

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(Photo Credit: 92.5 XTU)

(Photo Credit: 92.5 XTU)

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Ever wonder what going to a Super Bowl party at Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks’ house would be like?

Well, Yearwood talked with Doc & Andie this morning, Thursday, January 29th, to tell them all about it!

‘We lived in Oklahoma for almost 14 years and every Superbowl is like a national holiday in our house, cause we can’t work on the Superbowl, we have to be at home. It’s really just a grazing thing, I don’t cook some big entrée or whatever it’s just a ton of snacks and dips and chips and that sort of thing,’ Yearwood said.

When it comes to the floor plan of their home, Yearwood admits you can see the game no matter where you are.

‘If you ask Garth, our house is really built for the Superbowl. This is really true. But the kitchen is a big kitchen because that’s the main room in the house where I was like let me just have this. But it opens out into the living room and there’s a really big screen TV. So, it was built to be very much about being involved in everything. So if you’re in the kitchen, which is where most of our friends spend 90% of their time anyway, you can still see the game. Now to add insult to injury, Garth also put a TV in the dining room.’

Listen to what you missed this morning at 8:10am and hear what Yearwood had to say about her ‘Shameless’ tour with Brooks and more.

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