Kip Moore On His Music’s Impact, New Single ‘I’m to Blame’ (page 3)

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Kip Moore (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Kip Moore (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Kip Moore is well aware of the impact his lyrics have on fans. During his recent CMT Up In Smoke Tour, he learned that sometimes his music is taken to war zones.

“I had a Marine come up to me after one of the shows and tell me my Up All Night record actually was the only thing that gave him peace as he was camped out in some really rough place where they’d been under fire for a while, and he had his headphones in at this little place they were hiding out, and that record was what gave him peace,” Moore said in a release. “It’s a wild thing to know that my thoughts and pen to paper and those dark places that I wrote those songs–not knowing if anyone was going to hear them–can have that kind of impact on somebody’s life.”

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It is knowing this that makes him work harder and has him choosing his lyrics more carefully, as he told during a tour stop in New Jersey in November.

“It’s awesome and it’s scary at the same time, because you realize how much weight your words hold. And when you realize your words hold that much weight, you actually think about what you’re saying a lot more,” Moore said. “It means a lot to me because that’s why I do what I do. I always wanted people to hear my music and I wanted it to impact them in a profound way, so now that it’s actually doing that it means a whole lot to me.”


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